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Growing churches forum 

Is your church experiencing unusual kingdom growth? If so, a forum in November may be of interest

Grow700In July a group of five Baptist ministers of such churches met for 24 hours. The idea was to pray together, share stories and discern common and reproducible factors behind this growth. Three clear factors emerged from the forum:

  • Passionate, effective, risk-taking leaders of high expectation.
  • Purposeful mission with a major focus on evangelism and mission.
  • An attractive, engaged presence in the community through buildings and activities and people.

This longer reflection contains more details.
The group agreed to meet again and explore in more depth one of the key factors identified: developing and equipping leaders.
The next forum takes place 8-9 November.
It has been facilitated by Alex Harris, who leads the Beacon Church in Stafford, alongside Nigel Coles, Regional Minister Team Leader in West of England Baptist Association.
Alex said, ‘We don't care about numbers.  We care about growth.  Not how big a church is but how fast the kingdom is growing.  We are looking to find God's way of making exceptional growth normal growth in our Baptist Together churches. 
‘Paid, volunteers, old, young, men, women, proven or un-blooded - none of that matters!’
Each delegate has been asked to bring two or three others who fall into one of these leadership categories:

  • Timothys. They are starting out, just making their impact, beginning (though could be any age!). They are people who we 'want to take along on the journey with us' (Acts 16:3) just as Paul did with Timothy. They are folk we want their early experience of what church can be and what leadership is to be risky and wild and dangerous and of high expectation (not flaccid and domesticated and safe).  Who is the Timothy you could bring along?
  • Barnabas. They are alongside us. They are leading places God is significantly growing. They are shoulder-to-shoulder with you.
  • Pauls. Lastly, who is ahead of us? Who trailed the path before us? Who can we learn from who has lead not just significant growth under God, but sustained and ongoing significant growth.

If you’re leading a church through a time of unusual growth, it’s not too late to get involved! The second Growing Churches forum takes place on 8-9 November at the Beacon Church in Stafford.
Church leaders are encouraged to bring along one, two or three leaders who have been, are, or who church leaders hope will be part of their church’s season of growth. This will be an excellent opportunity to encourage and equip one another and those who journey with us.

For more information, or to book a place please contact Alex Drew via alex@seventy-two.network.

Image | Zach Taylor | Creationswap


Baptist Times, 13/09/2017
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