Below is a list of possible seminar sessions which may be on offer at Assembly this year.  When registering for Assembly, you will be asked to express your preferences in relation to these topics.

Please Note: This is your preference, not necessarily your final choice. Your preference helps us to decide which seminars to run and to allocate the space we have available more appropriately.  Your preferences are NOT guaranteed in any of the Seminars. 

Session 1 

13:30 - 14:30        


Becoming Beacons of Hope - Playing Your Part in God’s Missional Adventure

Challenges, by the grace of God, can become opportunities. Problems can become pathways to progress.
The task is great and the missional mandate remains for us to be a movement of mission, sharing the gospel and engaging with the myriad people groups in our changing society. Renewing or discovering our pioneering roots and exploring different and relevant ways of being church in an increasingly secular and post-Christendom society is a way forward. Encouraging us to move out beyond the walls of the church, igniting creativity, imagination and inspiration in pioneering, Fresh Expressions and missional entrepreneurship is what Roy Searle and Simon Goddard will be sharing in this interactive seminar.


Learning Theology from Marginal Voices - Kang San Tan and Loun Ling Lee


The seminar introduces themes from selected non-Western theologians, asking the question: whose theologies count in your thinking and ministries? In a world of unequal access to voice and power; choosing to learn from Southern and Northern, poorer and richer as well as female and male, is the beginning of a richer spirituality.   

Dr Dave Gregory Avatar 002

Messy Church Does Science Workshop - Dr Dave SORRY THIS SEMINAR IS NOW FULL 

Messy Churches provide creative sessions for children and families to learn about the Christian faith. Incoming Baptists Together President, Dave Gregory, has been involved in producing new resources to help Messy Church leaders use science to explore aspects of the Christian faith, and demonstrate that faith and science are complementary.  PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the nature of this workshop, numbers are limited but priority will be given to those who have expressed a preference on booking.  Please click here to find out more


Missio Dei and Secularisation? - Mark Ord

How do we discern what God is doing within our wider communities and learn to appropriately join in when the process of secularisation has shaped our imaginations?


Heart Music - Andy Robertson  SORRY THIS SEMINAR IS NOW FULL

Why is it important to develop corporate worship that includes music and artistic expression from across the world? Why does the UK church perpetuate the idea that ‘West is Best’ in our worship? What is heart music? And what can we learn about the misnomer that ‘music is a universal language’ from the Canela people of Brazil?

This inspiring and challenging session from Greenford Baptist Church will provoke thought and discussion as we seek to enjoy the depth and breadth of colour and creativity that God has given us to enjoy in our worship of Him.  

Session 2    

15:30 - 16:30


Transition and Transformation – Ken Benjamin & Paul Lavender

Sharing stories and lessons to help grow healthy churches together.

A practical seminar looking at some of the steps needed to help transition our churches into more mission-focused ways. We’ll use some specific examples, including introducing new ‘compassion’ ministries (Debt Counselling Services) and Missional Communities but the lessons will be broad enough to apply to a wide variety of transition and transformation challenges. We’ll look specifically at leadership lessons and talk (from personal experience!) about pitfalls to avoid and we’ll also give some suggestions for sources of ongoing help.


Honour and Shame - Abroad and at Home - Phil Grasham 

At least seventy percent of today’s global population has an honour/shame worldview; sociologists state that the UK is moving increasingly towards an honour/shame reality. What does this mean for overseas mission and the UK Church?


A Toolbox for Children, Young People and Families Ministries  - CYF 

The vision and ministry of CYF is to help you and your church build confidence in working with children, young people and families.

This seminar will inspire you to join the dots between

  • church and family
  • church and school
  • church and home

by building strong relationships that will impact the life of your church and develop its role within the wider community. We will share helpful and practical advice plus some creative suggestions that have been tried and tested by congregations of different sizes and from a variety of contexts.

Everyone attending will leave with a preliminary toolkit that can start to inspire and nurture confidence in their church’s work with children, young people and their families.



Mission in tough places - Kat Wagner 

Hear about the extreme challenges and surprising opportunities of mission in Afghanistan: one of the poorest, most fragile and least evangelised countries in the world.

David Gregory

Divine Windows - Glimpses of God through life, the universe and everything - Dave Gregory

Programmes such as Blue Planet II, The Human Universe and the viral video Google’s Cosmic Eye open up a panoramic view of creation, visually casting the insights of science into our lives.  Yet while we marvel at the beauty, diversity and grandeur, the window of science can seem veiled when it comes to encountering God.  Apologetics tries to part the curtain a little, yet are there other ways that the window of science might be opened to become a Divine Window.  Come and gaze at creation through the Divine Window of science and discover how God might be encountered, inspiring us to share in God’s life and mission.  What other Divine Windows do we encounter in everyday life that we might be unaware of; might our lives be Divine Windows through which others glimpse God?
PS: Dave says, “No knowledge of science is assumed or needed!  Just a little bit of imagination and wonder.”