Through the 'Thy Kingdom Come' initiative, we are invited to make a lasting difference in our nations and in our world.  Through the selection of seminars and discussion groups on offer at Assembly this year, we aim to explore, encourage and share together the lasting difference we are and can make in our world today. 

Below is a list of possible sessions on offer at Assembly this year.  When registering for Assembly, you will be asked to express your preferences in relation to these topics.

Please Note: Expressing your preferences does not mean it is your final choice, as you will be able to choose what to attend on the day, but it will help us to decide which seminars/discussion groups to run and to allocate the space we have available more appropriately.  


Session 1 

14.15 - 15.15        


Lessons from the East – Benjamin Francis 

Reflections on a church planting model from Asia and its relevance to the UK.


Evangelism and Discipleship – Lynn Green

How can we anticipate God’s Kingdom in our local communities?  Come to this seminar prepared to interact creatively with stories and ideas about what is working in localities in the UK.


Mission in a secular world – Mark Ord

Secularism pervades western society and has shaped our assumptions and imaginations - including those of Christians. What are the implications for mission in Europe?


Engaging with Millennials – Mike Lowe

A conversation discussing the challenges and opportunities we face reaching the millennial generation with the gospel of Christ. It will reflect on our hopes and vision for how we might together equip, inspire and resource this to happen in the future.


JPIT – This is the Time – Phil Jump

The recent announcement of a General Election surprised just about everyone, not least the Assembly team!  The JPIT Brexit Conversations resource is on hold until after June.  So, ‘This is the time…’ How can we keep the things we believe to be important on the political agenda?  How can we speak well on issues which are important to us? Who should we be listening to and whose voices are being drowned out?  This is a time for God’s people to make our voices heard.

Session 2    

15.30 - 16.30


Pioneering – Roy Searle and Simon Goddard

Whom shall I send? Simon Goddard and Roy Searle have recently been appointed to encourage pioneering and fresh expressions across Baptists Together. Come and hear a vision to reach the 94% of people in the UK who aren’t currently connecting with church, and explore what your response to this might be. 


A Baptist people – distinctive or generic? – David Kerrigan 

Baptists around the world have been, and remain, overwhelmingly evangelical. But is there a way of being a Baptist Evangelical that is consistent with our history and principles, that can enrich the wider church, and make us better able to face today’s complex challenges?

Logoincircle 002

Pentecost People – Wale Hudson-Roberts and Richard Kidd

As people the world over become more and more obsessed with their own national identity, and less and less open to deep and creative relationships with people from other parts of the world, ' Pentecost People' has a prophetic word for our times - and it needs to be heard, now.
The 'Pentecost People' seminar provides a taster for a new resource designed to help local Baptist churches. It aims to foster a world-aware spirit, modelling ways to welcome and affirm people of every tongue and culture and enabling us to become more fully global in our local worshipping communities...


As in heaven – Dianne Tidball

We often pray: ‘Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth, as in heaven.
In this session we will explore together:
What it means for God’s Kingdom to come as in heaven?
What it means for God’s will to be done amongst Baptists as in heaven?
And how we can be communities which offer a taste of heaven wherever God has placed us. Come to this session prepared to listen, discuss, be creative and leave ready to respond to God’s call to be heaven on earth.


Fruitfulness in mission – BMS Team

how do we evaluate fruitfulness in our mission engagement?  Reflections on the BMS approach to measuring fruitfulness in mission engagement.